Friday, October 21, 2011

Anonymous v. Pedophiles

The Tor anonymity network is most commonly used by individuals who want to use the Internet with privacy, including political activists in nations without free speech protections. But it can also be used to serve content, so no one can easily find the Web servers. This is called the "darknet." And some of those servers provide illegal content, such as child pornography.

Anonymous hackers say they have tracked down child-porn servers, hacked into them, and dumped the usernames:

Now Scott Terban has posted an article applauding these efforts as a "good start."

I don't agree--I think masked vigilantes hacking into servers, obtaining weak identification evidence there, and casting lethal accusations about, is nothing good.

In fact, OpDarkNet already accused th3j35t3r of being in the pedophile database, and had to retract that accusation as a clear forgery. Who knows how many of the other names they found are misdirection? If you were signing up for an account on "Lolita City" would you use your own name, or the name of someone you hate?


  1. I do not like it when people post email/log in lists they get. I would applaud someone who could take down a server hosting cp though. I wish there was a way to find servers hosting CP though and with that information, have law enforcement take action successfully. I will stand up for th3j35t3r here... there is way too much guilty until proven innocent going around. A screen name is simply not evidence in and of itself...

  2. hey man I saw the logs. I saw that many of these cp freaks have multiple accounts under these idents. They deserve to die and so do you for disagreeing.

  3. Rebellious people out to make world a better place is a good thing Some times the justice system gets so full of it self it loses site of the catching criminals part. Yeah, so they need to be more official with what they do so innocent people don't get hurt, but it's not like they would receive a medal of honor either way. If they hurt one CP it saved future children from far worse than a little name calling.