Tuesday, September 13, 2011

US Ignite: A New Foundation for America’s Broadband Future

""The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation are planning an initiative called US Ignite designed to promote US leadership in applications and services for ultra-fast broadband networks.

"Building on existing high-speed fiber optic and wireless networks, US Ignite will foster the development of novel applications that have the potential to transform health, education and training, public safety, and transportation.

"Many of the “building blocks” for US Ignite are already in place, such as national research networks that link universities and a growing number of communities with networks that are 10-100 times faster than today’s residential broadband Internet services. What’s needed, however, is a more focused collaboration between companies, researchers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, developers, and users. By working together, participants in US Ignite can “live in the future” and develop and demonstrate the applications that will be possible when next-generation networks are broadly available."

The White House

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