Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interactive Security Challenge Testing your Security Knowledge and Capture the Flag Skills!

"Do you really know your way around computers and networks? Do you think you can recover the password from a computer? Take control of a service? Conduct an in-depth penetration test of a DMZ or intranet? Analyze an attack? Would you like to measure and build your skills in these areas? If so, the NetWars environment is specially designed for you.

"NetWars is a computer and network security challenge -- an adventure across the Internet. It is one of the key competitions in the United States Cyber Challenge. For an overview of the challenge, please click here to download the description from the White House Website.

"You participate in the challenge as an analyst, a penetration tester, a defender, and more! At the outset of the challenge, each player must find hidden keys within a special image downloaded from the Internet and then use those keys to enter an online environment where knowledge of security vulnerabilities and their exploits can be turned into points.

"NetWars comes in two forms: Tournament and Continuous. NetWars Tournament is a six-hour challenge played over two days at a SANS national conference. You don't have to win to earn bragging rights. If you do well and play fair, you will receive recognition. NetWars Continuous allows each participant to build their skills over a four-month period, conquering challenges throughout that timeframe."


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