Monday, May 16, 2011

Prof arrested – for shutting student’s laptop!

Did this instructor cross the line? Was it an accident?


April 14, 2011 by Jake Simms
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Most professors who catch a student surfing the Internet in class don’t tolerate it. But profs better be careful:

Shut the laptop on a delicate little flower’s hands and she might press charges!

Valdosta State University assistant professor Frank Rybicki learned that lesson the hard way. Rybicki noticed a 22-year-old female student wasn’t taking notes on her laptop during his law class, but was instead checking out web sites.

So he reached over and closed the screen. She didn’t move her hands out of the way.

Then she started an argument with Rybicki, disrupting the class. The professor dismissed class early because he was shaken up, according to other students who witnessed it.

Not only did the student not apologize for disrupting class – she filed a complaint with the school’s police department.

Result: Campus police arrested Rybicki. He’s now charged with battery.

Educators frequently complain that too many students don’t work hard enough or act like adults. Incidents like this one make their case!

What’s your take: Did the Valdosta professor get a raw deal? Share your opinion below.

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