Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Early Look At Comcast's DVR Redesign

"Comcast is cooking up a new quad-tuner DVR platform with a shiny new GUI, and Engadget has posted an early look. Last December the Wall Street Journal reported that Comcast was cooking up a new set top experience that would play catch up with a lot of the services offered by telcoTV competitors, including the ability to stream Internet-based content via the DVR. Also like TelcoTV competitor products, the new platform will be app-heavy, offering users access to embedded Twitter, Facebook and other social networking applications. The hardware itself appears to be made by Pace, and there's also a new remote control. "I was told by the developer there is no cap on usage for this pandora app," one tester tells the website. There's some additional discussion about the new DVR in our Comcast Cable TV Forum."

 DSL Reports

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