Monday, May 9, 2011

CENIC CEO Wins CCC Tech Leadership Award

"The California Community Colleges system has decided to honor CENIC President and CEO, Jim Dolgonas, with its 2010 CCC Chancellor's Office "Excellence in Technology Leadership" award.

"Since 2000, the CCC Chancellor's Office Technology Awards Program has honored individual leaders that have identified and solved significant problems with ingenuity and resourcefulness. Through these awards, the CCC Chancellor's Office seeks to acknowledge individuals within or external to the CCC system who have made significant contributions to the California community colleges.

"As selected by the Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC), this years' recipient is Jim Dolgonas, CEO of CENIC. CENIC is a nonprofit regional optical network created and operated by the four segments of education in California—CCC, California State University, University of California, and K-12—along with Stanford, Caltech and USC. CENIC provides Internet connectivity for all CCC campuses to a shared fiber backbone that connects all education segments together and aggregates their Internet traffic to access the commercial Internet."

Jim Dolgonas is a member of MPICT's National Visiting Committee, and CENIC is an extraordinary organization which provides Internet connectivity and other valuable networking services to all K-20 public schools, including California community colleges.  The CENIC network ties educational institutions together with a network that far exceeds the performance of the public Internet.  How can our ICT related programs make better use of that?

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