Monday, March 28, 2011

NYT 3/25/11 Fierce competition for ICT talent

There continues to be a perceived disconnect (this will be verified with MPICT's Phase 3 study) between what ICT employeers are looking for and what is being produced by higher education. How many of our community college course include offerings such as Ruby, Python, PHP, etc.? This may be complicated by the fact that in many cases, programmers/non-ICT professionals who already have work experience, are seeking specific retraining, rather than looking for program completion. See excerpt from article below:
"Nationwide unemployment among computer scientists and programmers is higher than in other white-collar professions — around 5 percent — in part because many jobs have vanished overseas. But even with a glut of engineers on the job market, few have the skills that tech companies look for, said Cadir Lee, chief technology officer at Zynga.
Colleges rarely teach the newer programming languages like PHP, Ruby and Python, which have become more popular at young Web companies than older ones like Java, he said. Other skills, like working with large amounts of data and analytics, can be acquired only at a few companies.
“There are few programs that actually teach those things, and yet that’s the primary people we hire,” Mr. Lee said."

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