Tuesday, November 16, 2010

IT Innovation Summit - Sacramento, 3-3-11

IT Innovation Summit - Sacramento: California Teachers Lead the Way

Folsom, CA - Leading education and Information Technology (IT) professionals are gathering to improve student outcomes. The goal of this summit is to promote partnerships, innovative strategies and student engagement that lead to information technology core education and skills in the classroom that will ensure success in a global economy. The summit takes place March 3, 2011 in Sacramento, CA. in conjunction with the 2011 Educating for Careers Conference.

The major theme of the summit will focus on how Information Technologies are integrated into all sectors of our economy and society. In order to promote California's competitiveness teachers need to understand the convergence of TV and the Web and how it relates to business functions and jobs. “IT Innovation is growing in importance and is attracting capital investment to support innovation that will generate higher quality jobs which is vital to California's ability to compete successfully in global information and knowledge based economy” said Bill Cullifer, Executive Director for Webprofessionals.org and Chair of the IT Innovation Summit series.

Press reports reflect that, in the last two decades there has been a significant change in the competitive global landscape, and the next ten will likely prove to be even more challenging. Despite the best efforts by many dedicated professionals and multiple success stories, California is not adequately preparing students with the skills required for employment in the new millennium. China, India and other emerging markets, on the other hand, are exceeding California's investments in areas of innovation and job creation.

“Californians must come together to significantly improve secondary and post secondary education and the desire for life long learning. To that end, the IT Innovation Summit - Sacramento will promote key insights in developing and nurturing business and community partnerships and relationships which have a direct impact on student outcomes and their pathways to college and careers. The session presenters will explore options that administrators have with respect to keeping their institutions relevant and engaging." said Cullifer.

Andy Vaughan, Director of Strategic Programs for Monster, Inc., agrees, “A new shortage of skills and talent in IT and business is threatening business growth and many industries are facing large-scale retirements with no one to fill those jobs. Traditional technical IT skills will not suit the burgeoning demand for developing IT and business together.” Vaughan said, “Education and training are the key to the solution and we’re pleased to be involved with a statewide initiative to promote jobs in California.”

Sponsored by the WhyITNow.org initiative and established to get students ready for IT and New Media careers, the IT Innovation Summit - Sacramento discussions will cover topics ranging from how to implement effective practices and gain industry support.

Supporters of the IT Innovation Summit Series include Monster.com, the State of California Department of Education and Chancellors Office, Santa Clara Department of Education, the Los Angeles Department of Education, Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark program and many other companies in California which are involved in IT and New Media.

For additional information about IT Innovation Summit Sacramento visit http://itinnovationsummit.org

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