Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Cyber Threats Put Higher Education in the Crosshairs

Interesting presentation...


New Cyber Threats Put Higher Education in the Crosshairs
Presenter: Allen Paller (SANS Institute)
Hosted by EDUCAUSE

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"Cyber criminals and nation states have changed the game in computer attacks. Because of three special characteristics of colleges, they become a favorite target. In this fast-paced briefing you'll learn exactly how some of the most dangerous attacks work and why colleges are in the attackers' crosshairs. But it's not all bad news. New data on what works in fighting back has emerged.. We'll look at where the best opportunities lie for colleges to play leadership roles in protecting their own systems and preparing young people with the skills and knowledge to build more secure software. Specific topics:

The most dangerous new threats and how the threat has changed
Why standard defenses (firewalls, IPS, etc.) fail to stop these attacks
How to find the hidden attackers who have already penetrated your systems
The three most promising initiatives for improving the nations defenses"

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