Monday, May 6, 2013

Seeking CCC ICT and Information Systems Transfer Model Curriculum and C-ID Input

Dear CCC Information Technology and Information Systems Faculty,
Please forward this message on to other faculty at your college.
I am contacting you from the Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID). We are pleased to announce that two Transfer Model Curricula (TMCs) and several course descriptors are now available for your review. Your role in providing your professional responses to these drafts is critical to ensure widespread consensus about the most appropriate preparation for students earning an associate degree in either Information Systems or Information and Communication Technologies and then transferring as IS, CIS, MIS, ICT or IT majors to CSU. 
The Information Systems Faculty Discipline Review Group (FDRG) felt it appropriate to forward two TMC drafts for vetting by the stakeholders of the C-ID process. While the Information Systems TMC Draft is very similar to the previously approved Business TMC, some FDRG members felt it important to forward a separate TMC draft that specifically outlines the lower division requirements of Information Systems/ Management Information Systems concentrations within B.S. degree programs in Business Administration. The FDRG also submits for vetting an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) TMC Draft that reflects a recent state- and nationwide trend toward an ICT-focused curriculum. Note: The FDRG will closely evaluate the feedback obtained during the vetting process to determine if one or both Draft TMCs should be considered for final acceptance by the Intersegmental Curriculum Workgroup (ICW).
The TMCs are developed in response to Senate Bill 1440 (Padilla, 2010)–by teams of intersegmental discipline faculty. However, before any TMC and the courses within it can be finalized, we need input from you and your colleagues. Are these the right courses? Is the course content in the course descriptors sufficient? What revisions should be made in both the TMCs and the C-ID course descriptors?  
Please go to the “TMC” tab at in order to provide feedback (by June 15, 2013) on both the Information Systems and Information and Communication Technologies TMCs. Your comments regarding areas needing improvement, as well as where you are in agreement with the draft TMCs, are both appreciated. 
The direct links to the surveys are:
Once finalized, California community colleges will develop their associate degrees for transfer following the TMCs. For more information about the development of TMCs and the role of C-ID, please click here:
In addition, we ask you and your colleagues to log on to the C-ID website and provide feedback on the draft C-ID course descriptors. You might find this to be a good topic for a department meeting---to discuss these drafts and provide feedback. Please leave your feedback by June 15, 2013.
Go to
  • Select the “Descriptors” page from the menu on the top of the website.
  • Choose the "Comment on Descriptors" link.
  • Click the “Register Here” link if you haven't already registered for access to the review area.
  • After registration, a confirmation email with your password will be e-mailed to you immediately. You must click the confirmation link contained in that email message to enable your password so that you can log in to C-ID’s review area. Your e-mail message will be sent by, so please check your spam mailbox if you do not receive it and add this address to your safe sender list.
  • Use your email address (username) and password to login to the review area.
  • Read the draft descriptors in your discipline area or related areas having impact on your discipline.
  • Comment on the draft descriptors, indicating what you feel could use improvement, or any other feedback you think would be relevant or useful. Please note it is just as important that you comment when you are in agreement with the descriptors.
We will keep your email address on file and send you email updates when additional or revised descriptors become available for comment in your discipline. 
Once the C-ID descriptors are finalized, colleges will be asked to submit their Course Outlines of Record to C-ID, to ensure courses in TMC-aligned degrees are aligned. Your articulation officer will facilitate the submission of course outlines.
It is imperative that your voice is recognized in this vetting period...and we thank you for your participation!
Faculty are encouraged to sign up for the discipline listservs to receive relevant communications. To sign up, please go to Please note that listservs have been created for those disciplines that are currently active in C-ID. More listservs will be created as more disciplines are added. If you don’t see your discipline, we encourage you to visit the website often as more disciplines will be added in the future.
Please send general questions to
Best Regards,
Holly Demé
Program Specialist
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 525
Sacramento, CA 95814
phone: 916.445.4753, ext. 108
fax: 916.323.9867

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